The medieval Mildenburg, enthroned high above the town, houses the Miltenberg Castle Museum. Contemporary art awaits you there with works by Barlach, Beuys, Fräger, Lange, Lehnen, Morgner, Polke, Stötzer, Stoltz, Willikens and others. The modern works of art are shown in an exciting dialogue with older Greek and Russian icons. The eventful history of the castle is presented in the castle cellar. The 800-year-old keep offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

Just as the view from the castle stretches far over the landscape shaped by the Main, the works of art invite you to take a look beyond the limits of life and the world. The spiritual intentions of the artists to cross borders thus become a stimulus for the visitor to broaden their own perspective and to experience the special dimension of this museum.


Sponsorship award of the cultural foundation of the district of Lower Franconia 2011