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The Friends of the Museum of the City of Miltenberg e.V., the Friends of the Museum, have supported the museums since 1995 in the task of caring for, supplementing and presenting the municipal collection. Its goal is to promote the redesign of the museum and interest in the history of the region through scientific, educational, human and financial support.

In 25 years, the members of the association have achieved a lot: In addition to many hours of work, around €75,000 has been invested in the museum, a museum educational workshop has been set up, the museum garden has been laid out and the cultural life of the city has been enriched with numerous events. In addition, numerous acquisitions could be realized with the help of the generous support of the museum friends.

The outstanding event in the association's year is the museum festival that takes place on International Museum Day in May.

Board of Directors

At the ordinary general meeting on March 22, 2023, the following members were elected to the board of directors:
Dr. Ernst Spindler - Chairman
Bernd Lutz - 2nd Chairman
Annette Meisenzahl - Treasurer
Benedict Oberle - Secretary


The members of the Advisory Board are
- as officials: Mayor Bernd Kahlert, Museum Director Dr. Fabian Müller-Nittel.
- as elected members: Denise Dichtl, Grayce Harwood-Lang, Renate Roth, Georg Büttner, Hermann Neubert, Dr. Jürgen Koepke, Reinhold Schöpf, Dr. Martin Westarp, Klaus Wolf.

Cash auditors are:
Karl Enk, Peter Spörl


Freundeskreis Museum der Stadt Miltenberg e. V.
Marktplatz 169-175
63897 Miltenberg